6 Tours Available

Friday arrival 14 Days / 12 nights / 8 touring days

Saturday Arrival 8 Days / 7 Nights / 6 touring days

A weekly guaranteed tour of Israel. Operated with arrival every Tuesday

Friday arrival 11 Days / 9 nights / 6 touring days

Wednesday arrival 13 Days/ 11 Nights / 8 touring days

Wednesday arrival / 14 nights / 10 touring days

Classic Tours

Join one of our "Classic Tours" packages and explore Israel's fascinating sites and many attractions it has to offer . Tour the north and enjoy a lunch in a Druze village ; visit a winery and taste Israel's finest wines ; visit Jerusalem's highlights - the Old city and the New City attractions. We offer a variety of different Israel tours, all affording you the opportunity to see Israel's wondrous sites and attractions. Each tour to Israel offers 4 different Hotel Plans so you can choose a program according to your personal taste and budget.

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