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Wednesday arrival – 11 nights/8 touring days. Maximum 12 participants


·    YitzhakRabinCentermuseum

·    ThenewSarona(Templars’ quarterinTel Aviv)

·    Tel AvivMuseum of Modern Art

·    Igal Alonmuseum

·    CityofDavid and Western Wall Tunnels

·    Ein Gedi Nature Reserve

·    Western Wall Tunnels


·    Boat ride on the Sea of Galilee

·    Shukbites -(tastingdifferent foods attheJerusalemMachaneYehudamarket)

·    Lunch andspa facilitiesatadeluxeSpaDead Seahotel

·    DinneratalocalMiddle EasternRestaurant

·    Sound&LightshowattheTowerofDavidJerusalem





Wednesday- Day1

WelcometoIsrael–arrivaltoBen Gurionairportwhereyouwillbemetandassisted just before passportcontrol byour VIPrepresentative.  Afterluggagecollectiontransferto your hotel inTel Aviv – the city thatneversleeps,and the businessandfinancialcenterof Israel

Overnight:RoyalBeach Hotel, TelAviv or Carlton Hotel, Tel Aviv



Beginthe morningwith avisit to the YitzhakRabinCenterlearn aboutthelegacyof thelatePrime

Ministerof Israel andexplorethe historyandthe developmentof theState

NextvisitisIndependenceHall wheretheestablishment ofthe Stateof Israelwasdeclaredin1948 headed byBen Gurion. Thehall wherethevisittakes place isthe actualhall whereitallhappened”and it looksexactlylikeitwas then

Drivethrough Neve Tzedek–thefirstneighborhoodof Tel Avivestablishedin 1887when theoldwalled

Cityof Jaffa becametoo overcrowded for its residents.Whilethe areahas undergonemanychangesin recentyears, ithas stillmanaged to retain itscharmandbeautiful architecturecanbeseen

ContinuetotheCarmel market(shuk)andexperiencethe vibrantnoises,smells andcolors

Endthedayatthe JaffaVisitors’Center–enjoythe multimedia presentationof the 8,000yearoldport townanditshistory;walk around therestoredoldcity nowanartists’ quarterandseethe renovated harbor

Overnight:RoyalBeach Hotel, TelAviv or Carlton Hotel, Tel Aviv


 Friday-Da 3

Visit theTel AvivMuseum of Modern Art,Israel’s largestartmuseumdisplaying awide collectionofpermanentand temporaryexhibitsof bothlocal andinternational artists

Continue to Sarona, the 140yearoldGermanTemplar’scolonywhich wasoccupied bytheBritishforcesandhanded backto theIsraelis in 1947; thecomplexservedas theIsrael DefenseForce’sheadquarters formanyyears  this area has nowbeenrestored,preservingtheoriginal architecture andconverted intoalivelypedestrianopenair commercial center.

Drive through the main streets of Tel-Aviv, passing by Rabin's Square, place of assassination of Prime Minister Itzhak Rabin. Before heading back to the hotel, stop at the Old Port of Tel Aviv and enjoy the promenade along the seafront with the unique shops, cafés and youthful ambiance.

Overnight:RoyalBeach Hotel, TelAviv or Carlton Hotel, Tel Aviv


Saturday Day 4

At leisure

We suggesta visit totheoldtrainstation

Overnight:RoyalBeach Hotel, TelAviv or Carlton Hotel, Tel Aviv



Sunda Day5

DepartTel Avivanddrivevia thecoastal roadtoCaesarea, oncetheRomancapital ofthe region.

Exploretheruins and excavationsofthe Crusader’s cityandtheamphitheaterwhichhas been restored andis used forcultural events duringthesummermonths. Tourtheoldportandlearnaboutthe history throughamulti-media presentation

Proceed to Haifa to visit the Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum ("Af al Pi Chen") and hear the story of the illegal immigrants to Israel at the time of the British mandate.

While driving through the city enjoy the panoramic viewofthe beautifullysculpturedBaha’i Gardens

VisitAcre (Akko)oneoftheancientportcitiesin Israel, declared byUNESCOasaWorldHeritage site. Hear aboutthehistoryof this citythroughits unique buildings, fortressesandintactfortifications.Visit the undergroundCrusadercityandwalkthroughtheoldcitywith its turretsandmosquesandalocal market.

Dinnerandovernight:MizpeHayamimSpa &Resorthotel



Monday- Day6

Begintheday with avisittoSafed, oneofthefour holycitiesinIsrael andthecenter of theKabbalah, the Jewish mysticism.  Tour will includeavisitto theJosephCaroandHa’Arisynagogues;browse through theartists’ quarterandthepicturesquealleyways.

AscendtheGolanHeightsandstopatMitzpeGadotaformerSyrianbase.This sitecommemoratesthe

fallen Israel soldiersofthe33rd.Battalionof the Golani Brigade.

ProceedtotheTalmudic village of Katzrin and experiencetheancientlifethroughtherestored home, olivepressandancientsynagogue.

Proceedto Mt.Bentala dormant volcanicmountainandenjoythepanoramicview ofMt. Hermonand the GolanHeights.Hear aboutthestoryofoneof thelargest tankbattlesthattookplaceduringthe

1973 war.

Dinnerandovernight:MizpeHayamimSpa &Resorthotel





DescendtheUpperGalilee towards Tiberias, andvisit Capernaum–explorethe ruinsof thesynagogueandchurchofSt. Peter.  Enjoyaserene boat rideacrosstheSeaof Galilee

Visit the IgalAlonMuseumwherean ancient2,000year oldancient boatwasdiscovered

Driveto Nazarethandvisitthe Churchof theAnnunciation,oneofthe largestchurchesinIsrael Proceedto BeitShean called the‘Scythopolis’ andoneofthe biggestarcheological parks in Israel with beautiful excavations fromthe RomanandByzantineperiods.

Proceedviathe JordanValleytoJerusalem–ascendMt. Scopusfor the traditional “Shehehiyanu”  blessingasyouenterthecity

Overnight:DavidCitadel hotel,Jerusalem




Wednesday- Day8

Todaywill bespent touringtheOldCity of Jerusalem:

Walk alongtheCardo –formermarketplaceduringthe2ndTemple

Visit theWestern Wall(WailingWall)directlybelowthe TempleMount, continuetotheCityof Davidthatbegan morethan3,000years agowhen KingDavid,leftHebronfora small hilltopcityknown asJerusalem

Tour throughthelabyrinthof undergroundWesternWall tunnels directly belowtheWesternWall/TempleMountandlearn aboutthehistoryfromcenturies ago.

Returnto thehotel andfreshenup before dinnerataMiddle Easternrestaurant

Evening:thespectacularSound&Lightshow atthe Towerof David

Overnight:DavidCitadel hotel,Jerusalem







Visit theIsraelMuseum andenterthe Shrineofthe BookwheretheDead SeaScrolls arehoused;see the newholylandmodel aminiaturereplicaof Jerusalem as itwasduringthe2ndTemple

Continue for a tour attheKnesset–Israel’sParliament andseetheMenorah with thebiblical emblemsin the gardens oftheKnesset

Experiencethe contemporaryJerusalematthe renownedMachaneYehudaMarket(shuk) with its

authentic andcolorful stands.Enjoy the" Shuk"bites thatenables youtosamplethe delicaciesof themarket.Continueto YadVashemHolocaustMemorial

Overnight:DavidCitadel hotel,Jerusalem




DrivethroughtheJudeanDesert, homeofthe Bedouin(nomads ofthedesert)andalongtheshoreof the Dead Sea, lowestspoton Earth. Visit theEin Gedi naturereserveand explorethelush oasiswith its waterfalls, vegetationandrarewildlife.Continueto themountaintopfortressofMasada–ascendby cable carandexplorethe ruins of thisancientfortressbuiltby KingHerod–explorethe palace, synagogueandritual bathhouses.Descendbycable car. Buffetlunch atoneof thehotels attheDead

Sea. Experience a floatinthetherapeuticwatersoftheDead Sea(towelandlockerprovided foryour convenience) ReturntoJerusalemandbidfarewelltoyour guideanddriver

Overnight:DavidCitadel hotel,Jerusalem


Saturday- Day11

Dayatleisure Overnight:DavidCitadel hotel,Jerusalem



Sunday- Day12


Transfer toBen Gurionairportwhereyouwillbemetandassistedbyour representativethroughthe airportprocedures includingpassportcontrol

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